9 Ways to Manage Invoice Discounting

Are you new to invoice discounting? Are you wondering how to go about it? You don't have to worry, Invoice Trades is here to help out and we'll take you through each step, step-by-step.

Before you know the steps, you need to understand what invoice discounting is. It is one of the ways for your business to get instant cash. With invoice discounting, you can use your business's unpaid invoices as collateral for loans. You can learn more about it here.

If you want to start investing, Invoice Trades provides that platform for you. Before you begin investing, you need to understand how the process works and we will give you an insight into it.

Invoice Discounting Process

Vendor Raises an Invoice

The vendor provides their goods or services to a blue-chip company. Based on those services, the vendor raises an invoice to the blue-chip company.

Accepting the Invoice

Since the blue-chip companies have taken the goods or services by the said vendor, they accept the invoice raised by the vendor.

Invoice Listing

The vendor is now in need of some quick cash because the blue-chip company will pay them after a minimum of 30 days. To get instant funding, the vendor will list the invoice on the Invoice Trades platform.

Invoice Verification

The Invoice Trades verification team will verify the vendor invoice to check the authenticity and safety before making it visible to the investors.

Invoice goes Live

Once the vendor's invoice is verified and is deemed suitable for the Invoice Trades platform, the invoice is populated on the platform.

Investor Sign Up

The investors willing to invest can sign up on the Invoice Trades platform

KYC Process

After the investor signs up, the investor needs to complete the KYC process to begin investing

Invest in Invoice

The investor can now view various invoices and invest in the one he wants through his escrow account

Receiving Interest

On the maturity date, the investor will receive his principal amount and his interest

Now that you are clear on how Invoice Trades work for investors, we wonder what you're waiting for, hop on the money-making train!